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    How to Choose Compact Yard Tractors
     Aug 16, 2021|View:69

    There are hundreds of tractor brands on the market, with many models, complex configurations,s and wide price differences. People in the industry are sometimes confused, let alone users. So how to judge the quality of compact yard tractors when buying, and what factors should be considered in order to buy compact yard tractors with good quality, economic applicability, reasonable price, and suitability?

    How to Choose Compact Yard Tractors

    1. Visit users with compact yard tractors

    This is very important. Before you buy a tractor, you must visit several old users who have bought and used a tractor. They are most aware of the performance, quality, service, parts supply and income of the tractor they use, and they will also know the operation of other brands of compact yard tractors operating locally. Ask them modestly and you will benefit a lot.

    2. Visit users using compact yard tractors for field operations

    After large grain growers and agricultural cooperatives have used compact yard tractors for rotary tillage, ploughing, straw returning and other operations, they will have an objective and fair evaluation of the compact yard tractors in operation, such as operation quality, operation efficiency, failure and waiting time after failure. You will learn some of the most real situations through visits.

    3. Field observation of tractor operation

    Pay more attention to the compact yard tractors operating locally to see which brand is the most, which model is the most, and which brand and model are most liked by drivers and planting users. Go to the operation site to observe the operation situation, and communicate with drivers and growers to understand the actual operation situation. The golden cup and silver cup are not as good as the people's reputation. The people's reputation is quite authentic and reliable. Those with poor reputation must not buy it.

    4. Selection of tractor manufacturers

    Through the above three works, in fact, you have a preliminary understanding of compact yard tractors. When choosing tractor manufacturers, you should pay attention to: there are too many tractor manufacturers now. Which one do you believe in? It is recommended to select some manufacturers of big brands. The compact yard tractors of big brands are basically satisfactory in terms of product quality, after-sales service and parts supply. At present, the nine better tractor brands on sale in China are Deere, Dongfanghong, Lovol, Dongfeng, gengwang, ward, Changfa, Shifeng and Wuzheng.

    5. Selection of tractor horsepower

    The upward trend of tractor horsepower is very obvious. From the tractor sales data in 2017 and the second half of 2018, 1804, 2004 and 2204 models are becoming more and more popular and are becoming the mainstream. However, the specific purchased models should be combined with the local actual situation and adapt to the local fields and operation projects: the tractor size should be consistent with the local field size, centralized connection If the field is flat, the field is large, the height difference is small, and there are many subsoiling and ploughing, the larger model shall be selected; If the field is small and scattered, small and medium-sized compact yard tractors should be selected. Otherwise, the efficiency of large compact yard tractors can not be brought into full play, and the productivity of small compact yard tractors is low, which not only consumes oil, but also can not meet the requirements of rapid operation in busy agricultural seasons.

    6. Selection of tractor chassis size

    Today's compact yard tractors, manufacturers pursue high subsidies and high profits, and users pursue low price and high horsepower. compact yard tractors with the same horsepower can be divided into bridges, medium bridges and small bridges. Small bridges, that is, compact yard tractors with small chassis, are popular in the market because of their low price. Taking 504 tractor as an example, there are three types of 504 of a certain brand, namely, type C 504 tractor, type a 504 tractor and type D 504 tractor. The minimum service mass of type C 504 tractor is 1820kg, type a 504 tractor is 1160kg and type D 504 tractor is 2145kg. The heavy one must be the bridge car, and the small one must be the small bridge car. The price difference between the bridge car and the small bridge car is great. If you are working under heavy load traction, you should choose the bridge car, otherwise the chassis is easy to have problems; If you are working with medium and light load, you can choose medium and small bridge cars. The simplest and effective way to distinguish between large and small bridge cars is to look at the minimum service quality on the nameplate.

    7. Engine manufacturer selection

    The engine is very important to the tractor. It is the power source of the whole vehicle. The working environment is bad, so the matching engine quality of the tractor must be better. When purchasing a tractor. It must depend on the engine equipped with the tractor. It is recommended to choose a large brand engine, such as Yuchai, Weichai, Changchai, etc. if it is equipped with an unknown engine of a miscellaneous brand, it is recommended to replace it.

    8. Selection of tractor 4WD and 2WD

    The tractor can be divided into 4WD and 2WD. 4WD means four-wheel drive, and its front wheels can also be driven. The obvious difference is that the front tire pattern is the same as the rear tire pattern, and the front tire is larger than the front tire of 2WD. The front drive cannot be connected during normal walking, otherwise it will cause tire gnawing. The front drive can be connected only on soft ground and heavy-load traction operation. Generally, the use effect of connecting the front drive is very good when farming. The four drive can increase the friction between the tire and the ground, reduce the slip phenomenon, and quickly reduce the fuel consumption. If the two-wheel drive farming, the tire will slip seriously and increase the fuel consumption. The fuel consumption of 2WD and 4WD with the same brand horsepower is not much different, but the quality of 4WD is heavier than that of 2WD, and the price is more expensive than that of 2WD.

    9. Selection of tractor PTO speed

    Using tractor PTO to drive agricultural tools for operation is one of the most widely used forms on compact yard tractors, such as rotary tillage, straw returning to the field, powered rake, etc. However, there are often a series of problems caused by speed mismatch, such as unreasonable matching of agricultural tools, low operation efficiency, poor operation effect, not buried in the soil, unable to pull, etc., so the selection of PTO speed is very important. There are four tractor PTO speeds: 540rpm, 1000rpm, 760rpm (720rpm, 760rpm, 850rpm, etc.) and synchronous speed. 540rpm and 1000rpm are international and national standards, and 760rpm (720rpm, 760rpm, 850rpm, etc.) is the manufacturer's standard. The PTO speed of medium and high horsepower compact yard tractors in China is generally two speed, and the two speed power output includes 540 / 1000rpm, 540 / 760rpm, 760 / 1000rpm, 760 / 850rpm, etc. In the actual use of PTO speed, the PTO speed of 1000rpm is generally less used, so 540 / 760rpm or 760 / 850rpm is generally selected when selecting PTO speed.

    10. Selection of tractor after-sales service

    To purchase compact yard tractors through regular agricultural machinery dealers, we must pay attention to understand the brand reputation of the model and the after-sales service ability of the manufacturer, and resolutely do not buy compact yard tractors with poor quality and no guarantee of after-sales service. The selected model is the model that has been tried and demonstrated locally and proved to be reliable in quality and performance and suitable for local use.

    If you are still not sure what kind of tractor to buy through the above methods and are afraid of being cheated, you can find a knowledgeable teacher to help you check on the spot.