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    Two Types of Rough Terrain Tractor
     Jul 23, 2020|View:548

    A tractor is the most important power machinery in agricultural production. The rough terrain tractor is combined with the working tools to form a mobile working unit, which can complete various farmland operations such as cultivated land, soil preparation, sowing, cultivation, harvest and agricultural transportation, and can also drive agricultural machineries such as thresher and water pump to form a fixed operation unit for fixed operation. The special rough terrain tractor can also be used for fertilizing, spraying, and harvesting.


    The four-wheel tractor is divided into two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive according to the driving mode. The walking device of the two-wheel-drive tractor is pneumatic rubber tire, with large clearance between the body and the ground, adjustable wheel track, a wide range of working speed variations, flexible operation, and many types of agricultural machinery. Besides completing various field operations, it can also be used for road transportation and fixed operation with high comprehensive utilization, It is used for a long time every year. However, its disadvantages are that the traction is easy to slip and sink, and its traction performance is poor, and its capacity can not be fully utilized on the moist and soft soil.

     rough terrain tractor

    The contact area between the track and the ground is large, and the protrusion on the track plate can be inserted into the soil. Therefore, the adhesion performance is good, and the traction force can be brought into full play.


    At the same time, the pressure on the soil per unit area is small, so the soil will not be pressed too tightly when working, and it is not easy to sink into the vehicle on the wet and soft ground, and the ground has good trafficability.


    It can be used in deep plowing, land reclamation, land leveling, farmland infrastructure construction, and other operations that need great traction. In the work of cultivated land and sowing, the quality of the industry is high, but the body is heavy, the operation is not flexible, and the comprehensive utilization degree is low.