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    The Advantages of Small Agricultural Crawler Tractors
     Mar 22, 2020|View:804

    The advantages of small agricultural crawler tractors:

    small agricultural crawler tractors

    1. Lower grounding ratio to protect soil

    The results show that the seeding rate is only 30% - 40% and 80% - 90% after being compacted by wheel hauling. In the paddy field, the wheel ruts affect the transplanting and harvesting, and even cause the mud feet to deepen continuously and cannot be cultivated.

    2. Great traction, obvious advantages of deep turning and load-bearing operation

    In terms of traction efficiency, the maximum traction efficiency of the wheeled tractor is 55-65%, and that of the small agricultural crawler tractors is 70-80%. That is to say, for tractors with the same horsepower, the effective power of the wheeled tractor engine is 15% more than that of the wheeled tractor.

    3. Strong trafficability and climbing ability

    Due to its low center of gravity and large coefficient of adhesion, the crawler tractor has good stability against overturning and sliding on the slope and also has the characteristics of small turning radius, maneuverability, and strong off-road climbing ability. It has better adaptability for farmland and terrace operation in mountainous and hilly areas than the wheel tractor, especially when equipped with rubber crawler, it belongs to all-terrain operation machinery.